Should My Children Get Dental Sealants?

dentalIf you are a parent who is concerned about your child’s oral health, you probably have heard about the notion of getting dental sealants for them. However, the main question is if your kid actually needs them in the first place. By definition, it is a protective coating intended to be placed on the teeth, the purpose of which is to effectively prevent tooth decay and the likelihood of building up cavities.

Of course, you particularly know that both cavities and tooth decay are very prevalent in kids these days, especially with the trend of having more interest in cavity producing food like sweets and sugar. With the help of dental sealants, there is an added protection for the teeth. It’s traditionally placed on the molars or commonly called as back teeth. They are placed on deep and constricted portions that are hard to reach for the tooth brushing.

The molars constitute and perform the heaviest responsibility for the teeth, which in this case is chewing and breaking down food before swallowing. Because of that, molars also experience the most frequent contact with food and are the most vulnerable. When the particles of food make contact, they become sources of cavity. But with sealants, the same food particles will be barred from inserting and digging through the grooves and holes in the molars, making sure your child don’t get oral issues caused by cavity and bacteria.

Sealants for Children

Contrary to what a few dentists claim, sealants are perfect and beneficial to children and kids. They are usually placed on the permanent, children, as well as adult teeth with substantial cavity and plaque related issues. There are so many people who are more prone to cavities and children are a good example. The main objective of using it is to avoid and prevent the likelihood of severe tooth decay and loss. Consequently, a dentist would recommend to get tooth sealants for your children to add another layer of protection for the molars.

The thing with children is that they become lazy enough to brush their teeth at least twice a day. Along with this fact, they also love to eat food stuff that can bring and precipitate cavity buildup. When adult molars begin to emerge and go off starting at the age of six, kids of this age will experience cavity buildup, along with the inability to brush teeth consistently. As a parent, you opt for sealants and that corresponds to helping your kid have that same white and healthy smile.

Aside from the normal cavity buildup that comes with age, some kids can also develop deeper grooves, which in turn increase the possibility of building cavities. Furthermore, those who already have a huge pile of plaque coupled with lack of fluoride will also need some sealants.

Are They Safe?dentist

Dentists claim that there are actually no significant complaints, side effects, or serious health consequences due to the use of dental sealants for kids. As a matter of fact, it is highly recommended and parents are advised to get it for their kids for the general protection of the teeth and the overall prevention of dental issues and problems. Each installed sealant can last from three up to five years, which basically means you don’t have to spend that much for maintenance and replacement.


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