How Often Should I Go To the Dentist And Why?

dentist in JerseyIt is no secret that we are all required to go to the dentist as often as we should. However, there is really no exact frequency and when you ask people how often they should go, they all come up with different answers. The crucial point is actually not the number of times but the consistency and commitment you put in.

So if you’re someone really concerned about your oral health, you are likely to ask questions like “how often should I go to the dentist?” or “should I only visit one when something starts to bother my teeth or gums?” The thing is there is an essential need to visit and consult a dentist and that is for the very obvious reason of guaranteeing a good oral hygiene and better oral health. In this article, you will be provided with the right set of information about how often should you take a tour to a dentist’s clinic for oral care.

Is There A General Agreement On Dentist Visits?

There is none. But the ideal number should be at least twice a year. However, you will learn later on that you may need to go more frequently for special cases and instances. The purpose of the consistent practice of dentist appointments is to make sure you’re doing some preventive care. It is really wrong to just seek professional help when you’re teeth is already in bad shape, the gums are bleeding, or you’re officially wearing a bad and awful breath. Hence, while there is no written rule as to the specifics of dentist visit, it must be pointed out that you have to go there as soon as signs of teeth problem are emerging.

Exception to the Rule

I have a dentist Jersey City based who I get very substantial help and information about overall dental and oral care. According to him, the “twice-a-year” rule is only applicable to general cases and instances, or other terms, for those who don’t have prior issues and health concerns. Therefore, even if a visit to dentists isn’t really that appealing, you have to make an appointment more often than a regular guy if you suffer or experience the following:

  • Smoking Problem – Chain smokers and those who smoke a couple each day are more likely to suffer from various types of oral health issues. Tooth-related smoking risks may even lead to cancer of the mouth. Therefore, you might want to go to the dentist more often than you want to, especially if you’re not ready to quit smoking.
  • Gum Disease – Another issue that needs frequent and consistent dentist visitation is gum disease. It sounds common but this type of mouth problem is quite serious and needs constant oral care. Be it dentist Jersey City or any other city you live in, you have to look for and see a dentist a lot more to stop gum disease and retain a nicer oral health.
  • Cavity – There are so many people who have very cavity prone teeth. Perhaps the culprit is choice of food and eating lifestyle. Remember that cavities are dirty, gross, and quite unhealthy. Hence, be sure to get rid of them by going to the dentist more than twice a year.
  • Diabetes – Dentists around the world agree that diabetes and oral health are closely related. For one, the former affects the entire body and the mouth is not exempted. People who suffer from diabetes are vulnerable to gum inflammation and disease, thrush, as well as dry mouth. But all those can be prevented by going to a dentist more often.

Why Should You Go In The First Place?

dentist visitThere are actually hundreds of reasons why you should find time and willingness to consult a dentist. The reasons given below answer the question of why you should be going there in the first place:

Avoid Dental Emergency

One of the most popular mistakes people commit about oral care is that they only seek the aid of the dentist when mouth-related problems go out of hand. Put in mind that detecting early signs of teeth and gum problems is the job of the dentist and if you just religiously visit, you can effectively avoid dental emergencies in the process.

Prevent the Likelihood of Gum Diseases

Teeth protection is just one piece of oral care. Another important reason why you have to go to a dentist habitually is to prevent gum disease. When you fail to do so, you will likely develop the disease and that’s a nasty fact. It often leads to excessive damage in teeth and sockets. As a matter of fact, the worst case scenario is the loss of teeth which is quite prevalent in adults.

Improving Your Oral Health and Overall Physical Appearance

Aside from preventing and curing mouth-related health problems, another important reason why you should establish good communication and relationship through frequent visits with your dentist is to be able to maintain or even improve your physical appearance. Bear in mind that dentists do not only promote better oral health, they also make sure your teeth look nice and your breath smells better. There are various procedures that can be performed to improve teeth appearance like bonding, implants, braces and dentures.

On a final note, perhaps the most valuable reason in visiting a dentist with commitment is to be able to detect and find symptoms of more serious health issue related to the mouth and teeth. For instance, getting frequent dental checkups can determine if your gum bleeding problem is part of a more serious condition like leukemia or platelet problem. Furthermore, undergoing dental x-rays may help identify early signs of osteoporosis. Thus, find some time and effort in building a better relationship with your dentist as soon as possible.


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